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Is Home Care and Safety Only for Clients?


As a provider of home care services in Waterford, Connecticut, we ensure that our services prioritize the safety and well-being of our clients. Home care is an option for those wanting to stay comfortable at home. Therefore, it is our job to keep them remain safe as they regain or achieve optimum health.

However, is home care and safety only limited to clients with health issues? Home care in Connecticut is any healthcare service or companionship in Connecticut that benefits not only the client with health issues but all people taking part in the client’s well-being. These include family and household members providing care for the client. 

  • Why is safety for all household members important?
    All members of the household contribute to providing the optimum well-being of their individual. When one cannot comply with a task, it affects the whole function of the entire home. Therefore, it may affect the health outcome of their loved ones. 
  • How can we help them?
    Each member of the household deserves a break and assistance. Thus, we at Wilou Healthcare Services offer various services, especially respite care. Respite care allows every caretaker or member to take a break, and our care providers can temporarily assist with tasks at home. 

We also have a homemaker service when the home is not maintained regularly. 

Contact us today if you need assistance at home or non-medical home care services in New London County, Connecticut. We will be glad to serve not only clients with health issues but also the whole family and household.

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